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Media selling artificial beauty


Media selling artificial beauty

21545735-fullThe irony to weight loss is the supposed health associated to it. After a close study at the meaning of human existence, quality living can be challenged depending on what we consume mentally. The mind is so powerful, it is impossible to believe loosing weight is the direction to a healthy life. I maintain that the right attitude to healthy living is the physical and mental consumption of both food and thought, whiles ensuring healthy heart by applying the right methods.

Media has become the platform to psychologically shred beautiful minds into accepting what they are not to their true self. Ahuofe Patri’s new look is not far from my imaginations especially where the true African beauty is missing, now projecting the western expectation beauty ‘skinny looks’. Although slim is different from skinny, the original body mass of Ahuofe to her current looks is disturbing. It is quit unfortunate she decided to project makeup beauty to true beauty.

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