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Meet Ebenezer Osei Bonsu: The Ghanaian Author Who Has Published 5 Powerful Books Within 1 Year


Meet Ebenezer Osei Bonsu: The Ghanaian Author Who Has Published 5 Powerful Books Within 1 Year

Successful writers will tell you that, it takes a lot of time, energy, and resources to produce a single book. This tells that if a person is able to write and publish 5 good and powerful books within a spate of 1 year, it is an exceptional achievement that can only be attained by uncommon grace. has successfully written and publish 5 life-changing books; in the absence of any contrary data, we can confidently say that he was the highest publishing author in Ghana between 2019 and 2020.

The books he authored are: Living with criticism; Killing Jealousy; Wisdom Pills; Mystery behind the womb; Understanding Dreams

About the Author
Ebenezer Osei Bonsu is a prolific writer, a passionate worship leader, and a counselor. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Development Education Studies at the University for Development Studies and holds a Masters in Theology at the Evergreen Bible College. He serves the body of Christ with his special prophetic and healing grace. He is the founder of the Students Christian Fellowship on the University campus, a vibrant fellowship that has grown to train several leaders for Ministry. While studying at the university, he was awarded the most influential Student
for his extraordinary service towards people of all classes. As a servant leader, he understands where people are and reaches out to them. He is a voice in this generation that encourages, informs, and comforts men and women with
godly counsel.
Mob: +233 205 569 679 / +233 244 849 817

Know the books in details:

Living with criticism

Living with criticism is about regular people. Whether you are successful in life, ministry, business or a big time corporate CEO, the author shows you a whole new mind-set about life. He points out to the fact that, to be successful in life, we must never let people’s compliments get to our heads and their criticism get to our heart.

Nobody likes being criticized but unfortunately,it is a fact of life. To be able to respond to criticism with nobility and detachment is an important life skill, which people have. If we respond to criticism without careful consideration, it can easily lead to unnecessary suffering. We discover In this book a whole new approach on how we can successfully mitigate the poisonous effects of destructive criticism in our pursuit of greatness and to maximize the mindset of positivity in the face of our evil critics. The ideas shared are powerful and simple to help everyone to build resistance against the destructive words of people.

Killing Jealousy

Jealousy is cancerous and can have far-reaching effects on our human body and soul. As a vice, it has succeeded in tearing marriages, families and friendships apart. It is self-seeking, demanding and evil. Any nation, family and institution that has allowed this canker to persist has never known peace and development.

By practising the lessons from this book, we can eradicate, to a large extent, jealousy and its accompanying vices from among friends and acquaintances in the society. Killing Jealousy is a must read. It contains host of wisdom keys and undeniable secrets that can help free anyone that has been entangled with this deadly jealousy. With such knowledge, people will be well equipped to deal with their own jealousy and successfully handle jealous people with tact and prudence.

Understanding Dreams

God has made dreams an important channel through which He communicates with every soul. Therefore, treating any dream with indifference can be very detrimental; it is prudent for everyone to handle dreams with utter care. Every dream is important – whether forgotten, ignored or not understood.

In this masterpiece, you will be walked through a journey that will give you a very deep insight into dreams as well as practical ways of understanding and handling them. Assuredly, by the time you finish reading “Understanding Dreams”, you will be able to deal with dreams independently.

Everyone must dream, but the question is, do we? The very few who dream either don’t understand, forget, or ignore the importance of the dream. This book contains most of the answers to all the basic questions you have always desired to know about dreams. For example, Are dreams real? Why do good dreams take time unlike the bad ones? These and many more are answered in the book.
The book gives practical and down to earth approach to unlocking the secrets about dreams.

What’s Inside

In this great book, you will be walked through

  • The meaning of dreams and why people dream.
  • Types of dreams

  • The dangers of ignored dreams

  • The New Testament and dreams

  • The enemy’s attempt to frustrate dreams and many more

Wisdom Pills

Wisdom Pills is a masterpiece. It comes with nuggets of wisdom that do not only inform but also guides its readers into a deeper journey of truth. The book focuses on pertinent aspects of life that are teased into thematic areas such as marriage, education and knowledge, kingdom wealth, and Holiness. The search for wisdom is finally over with this creative, heartfelt, and engaging work of wisdom. Written straightforwardly it is accessible by everyone; the young and old alike to live a purposeful life.

Mystery behind the womb

THE MYSTERY BEHIND THE WOMB is a book that brings to light a very sensitive subject matter which is basic but rarely discussed. It reveals the very essence of a treasure¬–THE WOMB– that God has endowed women and humanity with. Though it is natural that only women have the womb as part of their anatomy, men also enjoy a lot of benefit from it, knowingly or unknowingly.
According to Matthew 6:21, “…where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” By implication, since women carry a treasure that is so precious to humanity, they are supposed to be cherished. However, due to ignorance, people have all sorts of wrong perceptions about women. This book sets out to enlighten you on God’s value for women, which will enable you debunk the wrong perceptions and rather appreciate them.

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SB Bitian is a Freelance Writer. Favorite quote: "I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happen to them all" - Ecclesiastes 9:11


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