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Meet the ministers Dr. Kwame Nkrumah appointed in 1957



Meet the ministers Dr. Kwame Nkrumah appointed in 1957

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The history of every country is as important as its future. The number of ministers a president works with has become topical in the 4th Republic. It becomes a campaign promise every election year.

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The first president of the Republic of Ghana worked with 12 ministers without deputies. But their achievements are evident to everyone.

The ministers were:


 Mr. Kojo Botsio – Trade and Labour

Mr. Komla Agble Gbedemah – Finance
Mr. Casely Hayford – Communications
Arko Adjei – Interior
Mr. J. H. Allasani – Health
Mr. J. B. Erzuah – Education
Mr. Ofori Atta – Local Government
Mr. N. A. Welbecks – Works
Mr. Krobo Edusei – Minister without a portfolio

Mr. Inkumsah – Housing
Mr. Yeboah Afari – Agriculture
Mr. L. R. Alzavana – Minister without a portfolio

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