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Meghan Markle: Why Prince Harry’s Child Is Not A Prince!


Meghan Markle: Why Prince Harry’s Child Is Not A Prince!



For di interview she do with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Duchess Sussex tok say wen she get Archie belle, dem bin dey tok about di pikin future, which title im go get.

She tok say, “dem bin dey say dem bin no want di pikin to be prince or princess.

Dis na even before dem even sabi di pikin gender, wey bin dey different from protocol.”

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Wetin royal protocol tok?

Di rule about who fit collect title of prince and who dem fit call ‘His royal highness' (HRH) dey letter patent wey George V write for November 1917.

Letter patent be like legal instrument from di monarch wey dey come open letter and dem dey use for royal declarations.

Di letter patent for 1917, George V tok say di great-grandchildren of di monarch no go collect Prince and Princess except for di eldest son of di eldest son of di Prince of Wales.

So wetin dat one mean be say Prince George go be Prince but not Archie or im cousins Charlotte and Louis.

However, Charlotte and Louis keep dia title on top letter patent wey Queen Elizabeth release for 2012 say make all Prince Williams pikin dem be prince and princess and fit keep di HRH title.

What about Archie's title?

According to di 1917 letter, Archie fit still become prince but not yet.

Di Duke and Duchess pikin dem go need to wait until Prince Charles become king, so dem go become grandchildren of di monarch and na den dem go collect dia prince and princess title.

Na why prince Andrew , Beatrice and Eugenie na princesses from birth but Eugenie son no be prince.

And di Duchess sabi dis protocol, as she tok about am for di interview say, her pikin go become prince “wen Harry papa become king”.

However she ass say dem tell her wen sje get belle say “dem wan change di convention for Archie” so e no go be prince.

She no took more about di mata and Buckingham Palace neva tok fem ontop her claims.

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