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Merqury Turns Up JoyFm OldSchool Reunion


Merqury Turns Up JoyFm OldSchool Reunion

MerqThe head of the turn up army Merqury Quaye of Hitz FM’s drive time host was on top of his game at the 2015 Old school reunion. Merqury Quaye turned the whole place up with his dexterity and sweet play on words as a Co MC with a crowd over 3000people. The crowd hailed him with so much applause and love. Merqury was able to sustain the attention of his audience throughout his intermittent appearance until he signed off, winning the hearts of many. Merqury hosted the event along with Nathaniel Attoh and Lexis Bil.

“Merqury’s energy is something that puts him ahead of most outdoor event MCs in Ghana. His finesse in artistic movements, interaction with the audience would make you mistake him for one of the music artistes billed for the night”, an excited fan accounted after the show.
The Old Skuuls Reunion is a yearly event that brings back fond memories of the Senior Secondary School days and gives people the opportunity to relive those memorable days all over again.

Joy FM Annual Skuuls Reunion presented by Tigo has served as a networking and socialization platform, bringing together alumni of various schools to relive memories of their school days.


Monica Otumfuor

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