Message from Americans to Trump

Message from Americans to Trump


Message to Trump

Mr. President, Members of Congress and the Senate; with all due respect; since The Presisent insists in building a border wall instead of building bridges (like the Pope advised you): may I make a beneficial suggestion? That you grant a permanent resident to the 11million or so of undocumented immigrants, charge them a $500.00 wall funding fee, and you will have more than enough funds to build the wall.

Legalizing everyone that has not committed any serious crimes, will generate and inject a lot of income into the economy. Just the process alone will generate income for the offices that do the paperwork, the lawyers that represent the Immigrants, for the bureau of Immigration and for the IRS.

Once the people have legal documents: they will travel and generate income for the airline industry, they will buy houses, pay more taxes, etc, injecting income into the economy through various ways, a win win for everyone. You will have better control of everyone who is in the country because no one will be under the shadows anymore.

The new Immigration proposal that you and the two Senators have does not take into account all of the other jobs that need to be done regardless. You only want to bring professionals and highly educated people, the last time I checked, the professional s will not clean places, harvest the crop, work in construction, or do any manual labor jobs. I have high regards for the highly educated people and welcome the opportunities that you are willing to give them. But please do not undermine the regular people who work hard to put food on the table of their loved ones, and to make everyone else’s life easier. We all should be thankful to them.

They sacrifice so much and do so much for the rest of the country by doing work that no one wants to do, and yet they are treated so bad. There are work opportunities for everyone. All of the jobs are important for the Nation to function well. And all of the people that do the manual labor jobs should not be disreguarded. Please give them all, and not just the Dreamers the permanent resident status.

Remember you said that you will prove that you can do better than your Predecessor! This is a land of Immigrants, and those who came by boat at the beginning; were granted legal documents No questions asked, so why not make history again! Thank you so much for reading my message, and for the opportunity that you are about to give to the 11 million families.

From the American people


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