Mike 2 Advices  Medikal On His Spendings

Mike 2 Advices Medikal On His Spendings

Adom FM presenter, Mike 2 questioned if Medikal is among the top artists in the country. This is after all the hype following him in the past days.

Moreover, he warned the AMG signed act. He told him to be careful in his dealings in order not to become poor in future else he will regret spending money anyhow. Also, he mentioned several celebrities in the country who misused their earnings during the heydays. However, they later begged for money from the public. Therefore, the rapper should take lessons from their cases.

Also, he advised him not to splash all his money on a lady he has not married. This is because she can break his heart anytime and all his investments will go waste.

Also, Mike 2 asked

“is Medikal a musician?”

Moreover, he later requested for some of the titles of the musician’s songs if indeed he is a musician.

Mike 2 later told entertainers to be serious in their dealings because the showbiz world is not just for trends.

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