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More Errors In AMAA 2012 Nominations


More Errors In AMAA 2012 Nominations

A recent reaction to a publication in Flex newspaper concerning the errors in the nomination list for this year’s AMAA the Chairman of the Africa Movie Academy Awards [AMAA] Screening Committee; Mr. Shaibu Husseini has further revealed the weaknesses that underpin the award scheme and its organization.

I must first and foremost commend Mr. Shaibu for a good PR and smart communiqué to react to the publication in Flex newspaper with the headline: AMAA 2012 nomination-full of errors. Nonetheless, Mr. Shaibu has shown unprofessionalism in communication by responding to a publication in a print media on a website.

Flex newspaper did the story which caught your attention so the sensible thing to do is to send the clarification press release to Flex newspaper. Even if you first saw the story on a website, the source of the story is Flex newspaper and not the website.

As a professional communicator, I sent a message to Judith, the Ghana Representative for AMAA awards that I’ve reviewed AMAA awards so she should get a copy of Flex newspaper even before the story was published. On the issues I raised concerning the nomination list, Mr. Shaibu’s explanation on some of them still does not make sense.

Omotola did not play supporting role in the movie ties that bind. Even the writer of the story, Leila Djansi said Omotola played lead, so why is he still defending the standpoint that Omotola played supporting. Or is the jury rewriting the story Ties that bind? Secondly, Mr. Shaibu advised me to always download information on their official website before commenting, creating the impression that I failed to get facts correct.

I wish to tell Mr. Shaibu that as a professional reviewer, I got all my facts from their website so if I was wrong, they gave me the bases. Even as I type this article for publication, the errors I noted are still on their website- At first the error was RAHMAN, after my review they quickly corrected it and made it RAHIM yet the wrong BANDE (instead of BANDA) is still on the website.

They’ve still not attached Ghana to the movie BEHIND THE MASK as well as the country names of the movies THE CAPTAIN OF NAKARA and QUEENS DESIRE even after Mr. Shaibu’s reactions to my review. The omissions are still on the website. Mr. Shaibu what are you people rushing for? Why are you muddying your credibility like this?

Thirdly, I also talked about Martha Ankomah’s nomination in the category BEST YOUNG/PROMISING ACTOR. I respect the fact that they used ACTOR as a generic name for the category so there’s nothing wrong for nominating females. However, YOUNG is not synonymous to PROMISING. I suggest to the jury to remove the YOUNG from the category and make it; BEST PROMISING ACTOR because a person can be young in something and yet not promising or promising and not young. That YOUNG can rather be added to the category called BEST CHILD LABOUR so that it becomes BEST YOUNG/CHILD ACTOR because; if you’re a child you’re young.

Fourthly, I also commented on the illogic in the name of the category PRIZE FOR BEST FILM and Mr. Shaibu says it is consistent and common practice. The name of the category does not make sense and you’re saying it is consistent! Consistent with what? If you say, PRIZE FOR BEST FILM, every logical person expects to see the prices not nominated films and their respective countries. From Mr. Shaibu’s explanation, the jury is referring to movies nominated for the best prize. The befitting category name should then be; MOVIES FOR BEST PRIZE not PRIZE FOR BEST FILM. Think about it.

Lastly, I made the point that the jury has compromised their objectivity with the creation of the category BEST NIGERIAN FILM and Mr. Shaibu say`s; “the BEST NIGERIAN FILM is an endowment by the Nigerian government to identify the best films from Nigeria that are entered for the AMAA yearly so our government here in Ghana should emulate”. Mr. Shaibu continues to say, “It is just a way of encouraging film making and government participation in film making in the continent. That’s the idea behind the award”.

The government of Ghana does not even support Ghana Movie Awards so don’t ever expect them to pay any huge money to AMAA awards for any category like BEST FILM. Aside that, in Ghana, we have Ghana Movie Awards to promote BEST FILMS IN GHANA. The jury should limit AMAA awards to awarding, encouraging and celebrating film makers in Africa and leave the 52 member countries to award and encourage their domestic best films and film makers respectively.

Once again, I wish to formally commend Mr. Shaibu for his clarity on some of the issues I raised. At least I was educated and informed with some of his points. AMAA award is our own. We must criticize and review it to make it better. That is the path professionals like myself have started. No ill-motives or personal interests are attached to my reviews.

Source: Flex Newspaper
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