Mr. Ibu To Take Care Of One Of Muna’s Children

imagesDuring the laying to rest of Nollywood veteran actor Muna Obiekwe, John Okafor, while giving a short speech, offered to support one of Muna’s children. He promised to take care for at least one of his two heirs here and now. Mr. Okafor also encouraged his colleagues to do the same instead of the sharing endless gossips about the actor’s death.


This particular gesture was also appreciated by the actor’s fans that were present at this commemorative meeting to support his idol.


However, there were also untold stories about the causes of Muna’s death. Among the others, the actor reportedly could not stop taking alcohol despite the doctor’s advice. One of his close friends told hom hr would be fine only if he stayed away from the alcohol.


Besides, according to a close source, the dialysis was too expensive for Muna. He was doing two in a week, and each appointment cost him between N250,000 to N300,000. That was the money he did not really have. From some of the sad posts that Muna’s colleagues posted on their various social media accounts, it became known the actor, who is survived by his wife and children, died after he could not afford the fee the Nigerian health care was demanding. Moreover, Ify Ikeke thinks that, although Muna did not open up to anyone in the industry about his health situation, most of our actors and actresses prefer showing off to helping fellow colleagues. The Actress made it also known that there are no real friends in the industry. “He could not go for his regular dialysis for the past two weeks because he was broke but rejected seeking public assistance due to shame.” Even more, famous Yoruba movie producer and actress, Dayo Amusa, criticized her colleagues over not helping Muna when he really needed it. She shared his photo on January 19th, having added the following caption full of despair and anger: “
I truly hate to be a harbinger of bad news but I want to confirm that MUNA OBIEKWE IS DEAD! And am so angry! Yes not just because we lost another great talent but because in this industry we are not our brothers keeper.”




Perhaps, Muna Obiekwe’s colleagues and friends have realized such a tragic deprivation. Let’s hope the brave initiative of one of his friends to support the dead actor’s family will get success and further support among the rest representatives of the Nollywood industry.


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