Mr. Logic is not logic for saying what he said”- Ras Levi Appiah

imResponding to statements made by Mr. Logic that all the Rasta men should be sacked from the MUSIGA office. Ras Levi as the head of the Reggae and dancehall department sought it wise to clarify things. He started by saying that Mr. Logic is not logic for saying what he said. Our job is not to promote rather to brand the artist so he can’t ask us to be sacked because we don’t promote Dancehall and reggae musicians.”
Mr. Logic made this statement because the department has not put any effort in promoting Ghana reggae and dancehall. Mr. Logic a popular Ghanaian who promotes Ghanaian reggae and dancehall believes that they are of no use to the industry if they can’t impact in the lives of musicians.
Ras Levi responded that he doesn’t know Mr. Logic and he hasn’t been approached by him to inquire about their function and responsibility before making any statements. As the reggae and dancehall department of Musiga their sole responsibility is to assist artist in branding themselves and to connect them to the international opportunities. He state categorically that their role is not to promote musicians. He explained that an artist is to have a manager who is responsible for promoting their music. Their job is to assist all their registered members to brand themselves well.
Ras Levi also said that once you’re registered you walk to them and they will help the artist to brand. He gave an example of Bob Marley that he became famous because he had a good management team. The MUSIGA representative also said he was not being for working there but he is contributing his quota to the industry and help to build it. He shamed Mr. Logic for not using proper channels to announce his grievances and also not researching well before requesting all Rasta men moved from office. He also argued “Mr. Logic is not logic for saying what he said”


Monica Otumfuor

Culled from AMpluzz

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