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MTN GH’s Manager Says The Network Is Under Spiritual Attack, Causing The Slow Internet Connection.

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MTN GH’s Manager Says The Network Is Under Spiritual Attack, Causing The Slow Internet Connection.

The ditching of common sense and scientific reasoning and embracing too much of religion and/or spirituality is undeniably making some Africans “illogical analysts” and unreasonable.

Communications Manager of MTN, Mr. Addai Essilfie, is admonishing Ghanaians to pray for the service provider in its difficulties.

Mr. Addai Essilfie in an interview with TV3 made an emotionally illogical plea to Ghanaians, especially to the over 11 million customers of MTN to offer prayers for them as the surest solution to the useless networking system their outfit is providing of late.

He said, “the issue now seems to be beyond just a matter of cables, fiber optics, and Huawei wireless transmitters.”

“I believe in my heart that we are being sabotaged spiritually. I cannot say this person or those persons, but we all know how sometimes this country can be. MTN is being sabotaged spiritually. After we rectified our technical issues and rolled out the nationwide free 2GB, certain people in the telecommunication business aren’t happy about it at all and as a result, they have decided to go to extreme lengths to make sure our customers do not enjoy our services in hopes of a possible mass migration to their respective networks.”

Mr. Essilfie added; “We are working on the problem as best we can, we have come up with certain strategies to help us fight this thing we are currently facing. We are sending a desperate plea to our customers to also help us in prayers.”

Many incensed customers have blasted the Manager for this stone age belief in spiritual attack on a network system.

Some have even called for his resignation for such a stupid excuse in this 21st century.

What do you make of this?

BY: C. A. Asante
Freelance Writer

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