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MUSIGA, Blakk Rasta Fight Kubolor


MUSIGA, Blakk Rasta Fight Kubolor

Outspoken radio presenter, Blakk Rasta has lashed out at musician Wanlov Kubolor, describing the artiste’s act of showing his penis on Delay’s programme on TV3 as a shameful act which disgraces men in general.

Kubolor has received a lot of bashing since last Saturday when he showed his penis on the ‘Delay’ show, hosted by radio personality Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay.

Delay had sought to dispel some of the myths surrounding Kubolor such as the belief that he does not wear underwear. He confirmed it by lifting his piece of cloth around his waist and showed his penis to her.

His action has been condemned by the public and the National Media Commission and Blakk Rasta has added his voice to that of many criticizing him.

Speaking on Adom FM’s drive time show, ‘Ofiekwanso’ on Monday, Blakk Rasta, who is also the host of ‘Taxi Driver’ on Hitz FM, said Kubolor had gone overboard.

‘Wanlov Kubolor is a brother but I think that he over did it this time round. He is a man who wants people to think that he is an ‘I don’t care’ but his attitude is a disgrace to men in general. He can practice his ‘I don’t care’ attitude when he gets to his house but not haul decent people into it. It’s a shameful thing a public figure should not have done,’ Blakk Rasta said.

He defended Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay, who has also received her fair share of criticism, saying she did nothing wrong as a presenter by asking if Kubolor wore panties, adding that it was up to the musician to use his discretion as a matured adult and a father not to go to the extent he did.

He however stated that he was not surprised at Wanlov Kubolor’s actions because he had put up such an outlandish behavior before; insulting people and using profanity at the funeral of a friend when he was called to deliver a tribute.

Blakk Rasta stated he was happy that the dread-locked Kubolor was not a Rastafarian, adding he would have arraigned for him to be shaved and left hairless if he was a Rasta man because his action was against the doctrine of Rastafarianism.

Blakk Rasta called on Wanlov Kubolor to apologise to his admirers, Ghanaians and the viewers of the show.

Meanwhile, the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) has condemned both Wanlov Kubolor and Delay.

Spokesperson for the Union, Okyeame Kwame, said that once the programme was not live but a recorded one, the onus was on Delay to edit the part where Kubolor showed his manhood.

He continued that it was about time government put up pragmatic measures to ensure that sexually explicit images or words were edited before being aired on TV or radio, adding that it would ensure that programmes containing sexually explicit scenes or words were not aired during prime time.

‘What is the body responsible for censoring content doing? If they were proactive enough, things like this would not have happened,” Okyeame Kwame lamented.

But Wanlov Kubolor said he had not regretted doing so. According to him, he showed his manhood to prove to his critics that indeed he did not wear panties.

Meanwhile, a Clinical Psychologist has called on Ghanaians not to see Wanlov Kubolor as a mad man.

According to Dr Samuel Yawson, even though Kubolor’s behaviour was contrary to societal norms, it would only take a psychological test to determine whether he was in his right senses or not.

‘The act of one showing his nakedness on TV is abnormal but there is a distinctive difference between abnormality and madness. His attitude was abnormal but not madness,’ explains Dr. Yawson.

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