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Muslim Singer Goes Gospel


Muslim Singer Goes Gospel

In his Christmas single, “Nyame Yaba, D-Flex proves to all that God is really the source of all things and as a Muslim singer he goes gospel in his upcoming titled scheduled for release this March 2012 inside a
club near you.

The song, which literally means “God we are here”, is a sincere prayer from a man’s deepest soul to his God, acknowledging the Might and favors that God graciously bestowed on him plus according to him
(D-Flex) is the second important and favorite track on the album.

“If I say that this year has not been good then I am lying, the year might have had so many challenges but thankfully I have seen the year 2011 till December not many had the chance hence I decided to hit
a musical note that will draw Gods (Allah) attention to the fact that his children are grateful,” D-Flex stressed.

In this fast-paced industry, where everyone is always looking to what’s next, it is truly invaluable that an artiste actually pauses to remember his Creator who made him and his success possible. It also seems to be the norm that secular or non-religious musicians do not cross borders to the religious.

However, in “Nyame Yaba”, D-Flex makes it pretty clear that, as a Muslim he respects the year as tagged as Purity by God (Allah) and will want fans to follow the word for the year 2012 (purity).

A Muslim musician singing Gospel brings only one thing to mind: Unity despite our different beliefs and as the year approaches election period, he want God to remember us during voting periods….


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