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“My Boyfriend Took The Nude Pictures”: Actress Cries Out


“My Boyfriend Took The Nude Pictures”: Actress Cries Out

Upcoming Ghanaian actress Angela Tebiri who has been hit the latest nudity scandal has finally spoken and explained why she took the half-naked pictures, who took them and how the private pictures came into the public domain.

Angela who has refused to speak to on the nude pictures told News One newspaper in a publication today that her boyfriend took those pictures when they were together.

“It was my boyfriend who took those pictures and we were actually playing with them as lovers. He even said jokingly said that we should delete them before a mistake happens for them to reach the media and now here we are with this embarrassment”, Angela said with a shaking voice.

“I actually thought he had deleted them until he told me that the memory card was missing. My prayer all along was that it doesn't get into wrong hands. But obviously that didn't happen. I am sorry and I learnt my lessons from it”, she told the newspaper almost in tears.

Meanwhile a source close to the actress told that she fainted and went unconscious on Monday January 23, 2012, when she first saw her nude picture on the internet. According to the source, the troubled actress is now recovering gradually from the shock but she has being crying continuously and has refused to eat any food for the past three days. further diggings into the matter to ascertain how the pictures came out after the alleged missing memory card, has revealed that the said memory card which contained a good number of pictures with the actress exposing several private parts of body somehow got into the hands of an entertainment Journalist who decided to circulate it.

According to our sources the actress has broken up with her boyfriend who threatened to blackmail her with the nude pictures if she refuses to accept him back. The source told that her former boyfriend might have given the pictures to the Journalist to release them in the media when she refused to accept him back.

The Journalist who is said to be a very controversial entertainment writer for a popular Ghanaian Entertainment Newspaper and a Nigerian movie website, with interest in and movie stars, had the pictures and decided to spread the uncensored nude pictures to various print and electronic media houses in Ghana and Nigeria. is still investigating the issue to confirm if indeed the pictures were released on the internet by a journalist and why. However, is reliably informed that Angela is currently dating a dark skinned Ghanaian .

Sex and nudity is gradually becoming a part of show business in Ghana especially from the . In last quarter of last year, some nude pictures of female artiste Tiffany fully exposing her breast hit the internet and she later came out to state that she took the pictures for boyfriend who lives in the UK and alleged that the pictures might have been leaked by some armed robbers who robbed her residence earlier and threatened to blackmail her if she refuses to pay a ransom.

Over the Christmas holidays sweet voice singer Raquel apparently went on stage without panties and exposed her sex organ while performing live on stage at the Accra International Conference Centre during the Citi FM organized Decemba2Rememba on Christmas Eve.

Even though she refused to comment when news of her indecent exposure broke out, Raquel spoke on an Accra based radio station over the weekend saying her only interest is her music not the kind of dress she wears and now actress Angela is hit with same scandal and she is also telling almost the same story.

In all the instances, the supposed female victims seem not to know how their nude pictures are released in the media and yet they enjoy the money and fame that comes with these scandals. As to whether the stories they tell the media is true or not is another thing because you can't image the extent will go just for fame. Keep reading for more information and pictures.

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