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My first song, Awoso Me, gave me the bad girl image – Mzbel

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My first song, Awoso Me, gave me the bad girl image – Mzbel

Sexy and controversial Mzbel has bemoaned the constant portrayal her as ‘bad girl' by the general public saying that is the true picture of her.

The songstress who is constantly embroiled one controversy or the other said the general public has not been fair to her.

Mzbel, born Nana Ekua Amoah, blamed the negative portrayal of her to her first hit song, Awoso Me, released in 2004. She said that song was not recorded for commercial purposes and had she known, she would not have put those ‘matured' words in it.

She disclosed to that, “Honestly if I knew that song [Awoso Me] was going to be put out there for commercial purposes, I wouldn't have put those lyrics in there. I was joking, I just went to the studio and I was fooling around.”

According to her, the public “loved the song and they wanted me to do a video for it so I couldn't say no,” and to satisfy them, she had to do a sexy video to match it.

She blamed the song for creating that “bad girl image” for her adding that is not the true portrayal of who she is.

Over the years, Mzbel has carved a niche as a controversial musician who uses strong lyrics and looks ‘hot' on stage.

“I enjoy being feminine,” she said, adding, she loves the way she dresses on stage and even kids it too. “They understand it's for stage, it's my job, it's for my profession,” stressing, she will never dress like that in public.

Among her several woes was an arrest and subsequent remand into police custody last year together with two others for allegedly assaulting and obstructing a police officer from executing his duty.

Her worst moment in music, she said, is being “judged based on what they read on pages of news papers and pointing fingers at you saying ‘She is a bad girl, she is rude, she is that.”

She lamented that people are constantly painting a wrong picture of her stating, “People have worse problems, but because they are not celebrities you are not going to know about it.”

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