My kvip experience- A true life story

IMG_20130127_113516Somewhere in Ghana- I took out my t-roll and followed the little boy down the village road. I had developed a tummy upset that morning and needed to relieve myself. After about 5minutes walk, we got to the facility and to admit, it is the best ever I have ever seen. I quickly took off my jacket and my shirt and started walking inside. Just at that moment, I had a rude awakening as my head crashed violently into the wooden roof that supported the dried grass covering the top of the roof jolting me back to reality; this is not your usual cozy WC facility you have back home, I told myself. I took a few steps and went in the proper way by bending my head and body way down.

I carefully placed one foot on one of the vertically placed series of wooden slabs which served as the support and placed my other foot on the nearest piece and carefully balanced myself these thin strips of wood (A little mistake and I could find myself ‘inside”). I felt the cool morning breeze on my suspended “backside” and a momentary feeling of comfort and sensations swept across me which made me temporarily forget the dire situation I was in. I thought I was alone in this in this blissful ecstasy until I heard a familiar voice call out my name to say hello. I turned around and in the far corner was the headmaster of the only school in the community hanging in the same position as I was.

My eyes slowly drifted downwards and they nearly popped out of their sockets; I nearly screamed aloud at what I saw; it was huge, thick and long, dangling loosely like a pendulum, almost reaching down into the pit. An image of her cute, average sized figure and sweet smile almost immediately came to mind and I felt pity for this wife of Mr Headmaster.


As we were lost in conversation, a big rat leapt out from the pit underneath the headmaster onto one of the wooden strips, with a bit of accuracy and purpose, it could have landed on his             “valuables”. He instinctively leapt off the wood holding his precious properties. I almost lost balance as I also struggled to escape whatever danger ‘Headie’ might have been running away from. After finding out later that it was a rat, we both broke out in a hilarious laughter and how two strong men could behave soo cowardly as a result of a rat.

I offered him a piece of my t-roll but he declined, I saw him whisk his “buta”  and drift away into a nearby bush to clean up. When I had also finished with my t-roll, I was just about to drop it into the pit when I looked behind me and saw the heap behind me; as I threw my piece of t-roll into the lot, I observed there was no t-roll apart from mine, well that would be my footprint, everyone in the community would know I have been there. I entreat everyone to experience this treat; this is the true Ghanaian identity.


Samuel Nyarko Addo;


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