My latest Album is ready….. Says Amandzeba

imagesReports reaching BEATWAVES indicate that the much-awaited latest musical album of the celebrated highlife musician, Amandzeba Nat Brew, is ready and will be released soon for public consumption.

Amandzeba, who is one of the greatest highlife musicians in Ghana today with international recognition, told BEATWAVES that “I am currently putting finishing touches to my latest album which has well educated and interesting songs.”

His music style is influenced by the Ga sounds of kpanlogo, the West African Francophone styles, Nigerian juju music, highlife and reggae. He sings in Fante, Twi, Ga, Hausa and many other languages.

Some of the stakeholders who had the opportunity to listen to some of the songs on the album have described Amandzeba as one of the few talented highlife music icons whose talent goes beyond the borders of Ghana and Africa.

They claimed that Amandzeba’s songs on his yet-to-be released album were motivating, soul-touching and the rhythms and beats in all the songs could easily compete with those on the international music market.

Known for his unique delivery, Amandzeba Nat Brew always leaves an impression with the kind of words he uses in his all his songs. All his songs carry very touching messages which focus on changing the attitudes and lifestyles of the people.

A source close to the highlife icon told BEATWAVES yesterday, “We could make the world stand up and notice Africa in a different light, culturally” adding that Amandzeba’s lyrics “are very educative and he has groomed himself into a complete entertainer.”

He said most of the songs on the album have mid-tempos with good traditional highlife beats. The instrumentation and the backing vocalists make the songs on the album exceptional.

According to him, the album which is yet to be played on all the local radio stations throughout the country has the potential of becoming a big hit on the music market.

Having sung for several years, Amandzeba has the voice that appeals to every living soul. His music is basically a combination of traditional gospel rhythms and other danceable gospel tunes.


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