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“My Parents Are Illiterates…” – Paedae of R2Bees


“My Parents Are Illiterates…” – Paedae of R2Bees

imagesRefuse To Be Broke Nation’s Paedae in a series of tweets has revealed his parents are illiterates.

The rapper who has received a lot of flak for his approach to rap I the series preached about accepting oneself and being enlightened.

Here are highlights of the whole session.

“Your body is a universe. You are bigger than GHANA-AFRICA. You are more awesome than the world and all in it. But you have to be YOU to realize it.

“Stop living someone else’s life/dream.

“Wrong wording. You are ‘as’ awesome as the world and all in it…

“All my life I’ve been me. Before I became more enlightened I always felt I’m more powerful intelligent better than everybody.

“When I became more enlightened I realized I was as powerful, intelligent and better as everybody. You can be Steve jobs or Kwame Nkrumah.

“My parents are illiterates. School didn’t mean sh!t to them. I had to choose from primary education to go to school or not. I chose not to.

“I was forced by my uncle but still dropped out of secondary sch. I have taught myself everything I know. I learned from real life experience.

“In those experiences I was equipped in a way formal education can’t build you. Formal education will teach you to become someone else.

“Trust your instincts. Do good. You burn more energy spreading hate. Spread love instead. Live free. LOVE”

RBeess are currently promoting their new single “Makaoma”.


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