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My recent arrest in Abuja was a set up – Jim Iyke


My recent arrest in Abuja was a set up – Jim Iyke

After almost a month that Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke was ‘arrested’ by the Nigerian Police and Federal Road Safety cops for failing to adhere to a law that prohibits the use of tinted glass cars in Nigeria, he has for the first time spoken out on the embarrasing incident.

The Nigerian government passed a law that said car owners had up to the end of February 2011 to remove all tinted glasses from their cars or face prosecution from the government.

Jim was arrested by security personnel for driving a car with tinted windows Wednesday, weeks after the deadline.

Narrating the incident in an interview with Vivian Onuorah of City People Magazine, the actor said the arrest was a setup.

“I was driving one of my posh rides in Abuja when all of a sudden these men dressed in different uniforms, army, police and even a colour that I don’t even recognize just swooped on me and asked me to get down from my car,” he narrated.

Adding that, “I did that and then I was told I am not authorized to have tinted glass and that it’s against the law, so they proceeded to remove the tint. But all of a sudden this set of people arrived with some huge cameras I have never seen before and started recording the scene.”

This, he said got him upset that he had to drive away. “That was when I got upset and drove away. In fact I think it was just a set up because I don’t know how those people got to know what was happening at the time and they came with their cameras like it was a movie scene.”

Jim after the arrest was charged for failing to comply with the Nigerian government’s rule that ‘those with tinted car windows should remove them by February 28 2011.’

He was subsequently ‘forced’ by the security operatives to adhere to the directive by removing the ‘tinted windows’.

Story by Ernest Dela Aglanu/

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