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My Sexy Shape And Curves Always Embarrass Me- Destiny Amaka


My Sexy Shape And Curves Always Embarrass Me- Destiny Amaka

imagesThe name Destiny Amaka may not sound familiar but those who are used to watching Yaw’s comic skits would know her as the ‘Ogbanje’ in one of his popular skits.
Destiny is born to a Nigerian father and white Tanzanian French mother. She first caught public attention at the tender age of 14 with a BAFTA nomination for a teen documentary on human rights issues.

In an interview, the curvy and multi-talented beautiful actress cum model shared the pains of being blessed with a curvy physique and how it often embarrasses her.

“Sometimes, I see my shape and curve as a curse than a blessing. Whenever I enter an office or any public place, the first thing they notice is my physique. And Nigerian men stare a lot and it makes me so uncomfortable. I want people to see me and the potentials in me not just stare at my curvy physique. I want to be taken for what I am not how I look. Sincerely, I often feel my physique bring me so much embarrassment than blessings.”

When asked her about her current relationship status, Destiny said she is very single and ready to mingle.

“Person nobi firewood na. (laughs). Since I came back to Nigeria, I have tried to date twice and it didn’t work out. From my own calculation, 98 percent of Lagos men are married, one percent is still very young and hustling guys, and the other one percent is young, rich and arrogant guys. But if the right person comes, I would give him a chance, as much as I want to face my work. Life is beautiful, I need to enjoy it.”


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