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Nacy Fights S.D.A Church


Nacy Fights S.D.A Church

Award winning sound engineer Nana Kwaku Osei a.k.a Nacy for the first time showed his teeth to a particular religious sect in the country in what he describes as neglect of their female singers.

The Seventh Day Adventist church is where the engineer and singer is directing his fury to because he believes their fold have talent but they have been neglected for a long time.

In an him in his Mataheko studio in Accra, and leader of the all professional group No Tribe revealed that, looking back in his 12 years of the recording business, he has not recorded any solo artiste or group of artistes who are females from the S.D.A church but he has recorded a great chunk of the male singers within the sect. His main concern is whether the church prevents the ladies in their ministries from taking up the mantle of recording songs on their own without the inclusion of their male counterparts.

According to him, he has seen many gospel artistes mainly women doing it big in the Pentecostal and charismatic churches but the same story cannot be told of the members in S.D.A. “Being a female dominated field, I also want to believe the adage which says if you educate a woman you educate a nation but if you educate a man, you educate an individual” Nacy added.

Nacy has recorded a bunch of S.D.A musicians including Great Ampong of Bandex Music, Frimpong Brothers from the camp of Magyengo and KOF Agyekum who are doing well in their fields of endeavor though he could not remember all. “I want to state here category, even though I stand for correction that the female artistes in S.D.A can excel just like the other women in the gospel industry but the question is why they are not given the necessary support and to explore. If you want people who can sing soprano very well, you cannot go beyond singers in the S.D.A church. But where are they? They need to be freed to do what God asked them to do” he added.

What is really pushing Nacy`s interest among female singers in the SDA church which is forcing him to push this agenda this far? Is it because he wants different women in his studio since he is fed up with the `s, Gifty Osei`s and the Ceccy Twum`s? Nacy responded to the question in a more affirmative action tone. “I don't want to be selfish in what I am doing as a sound engineer.

I don't have boundaries in my operation so why should I be restricted in who I work with especially when I know there are equally good people elsewhere. Moreover, when the women take up that job, it will bring more revival in the church even though the church is already revived. I don't really need them in my studio alone but want to see them recording albums with their sweet voices. I am not calling them to come to my studio alone but every where they can excel” he responded.

In a recent interview posted on, Ohemaa Mercy was quoted to have said she expects Nacy to win the best producer of the year award because she feels Nacy deserves it. Does Nacy have anything to say about Ohemaa`s endorsement? “I think she is right because gospel music did extremely well in the year under review so I will not be surprised if that comes to pass in this year`s music awards. Charter House and their team including the general public should therefore heed to her call and crusade” he noted.

To help curb piracy in the country, Nacy and his No Tribe group has launched what they call “NO TRIBE AKYEDIE PROMOTION” in which they want to honour people who buy original CDs from the right places. In this promotion, music lovers who patronize No Tribe`s latest album titled “Three” stand a chance of winning prizes ranging from Lap Top Computers, Guitars, MP3 players, Television sets, and Mobile phones. The ultimate winner will drive home a brand new Kia Picanto salon car from Rana Motors. All one has to do is to scratch the hidden code in the sleeve of their album to short code 1413 on all networks. The promotion ends in May this year. Meanwhile, many fans of Nacy expect him to win in different categories in this year`s Music awards.

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