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Naked Actor Sues Socrates Safo


Naked Actor Sues Socrates Safo

While dust is yet to settle on the issue of how naked photos of an actress in the stables of Socrates Safo's Movie Production got leaked to the media, NEWS-ONE has seen another photograph showing the nakedness of Chris Febous, an actor from Socrates Safo's outfit.

However, the real trouble to have befallen the controversial movie producer is the fact that his ‘Sons of Satan' movie stands the risk of being withdrawn from the market over naked buttocks.

NEWS-ONE has gathered that Socrates has released two sets of ‘Sons of Satan' onto the market, one showing the nakedness of his lead actor, Jerry Botwe, and the other well edited to hide the actor's nakedness.

NEWS-ONE gathered that Socrates added a pornographic scene that shows the buttocks and sex organ of Jerry in the movie and this has generated a nasty misunderstanding between them.

The scene, quite pornographic in nature, reportedly shows Jerry Botwe completely naked in a bathroom with his manhood dangling between his thighs.

It also captures the actor with an erected male organ as he was throwing a towel around his neck.

When the news broke and Jerry complained that showing his nakedness in the movie was not part of the arrangement he had with Socrates, the movie producer fumed and ranted but reluctantly agreed to re-edit the movie.

But fresh reports say the producer, in December last year, released the movie without Jerry's nakedness and when they sold out, he released a new set at the end of January.

This set contains pornographic scenes which capture the actor's nakedness.

Jerry is therefore reported to have sued Socrates over the development and is seeking that the movie should be withdrawn from the market.

Meanwhile, ‘Sons of Satan' continues to sell like hot cake, enriching Socrates' pocket.

When NEWS-ONE reached him over the issue, he accused the paper of having pages that showed the nakedness of models and asked if he had the right to determine the paper's editorial content.

He ended by explaining that it was normal practice for any movie producer and director to add or delete any scene from his movie and that he owed no one an explanation.

On the issue of Chris' naked photograph, Socrates flatly denied that he had something to do with it.

He said he had absolutely nothing to do with it. Socrates admitted Chris was an actor in his outfit but said he had nothing whatsoever to do with the leaked naked photographs, some of which are so alarming that they simply cannot be published in NEWS-ONE.

The photographs were reportedly taken for a movie poster with an understanding that some parts of it would be edited so as not to offend the sensibilities of the public.

It is not clear how the photos got leaked but reports say Socrates' outfit may have leaked them.

“At our last meeting, the issue came up and he was rather angry.

He was saying that he would not tolerate anything that would tarnish his image or affect his production and that if any one challenged him he would get the Film Producers Association to ban us just like they did to Yvonne Nelson,” one of his actor's disclosed.


It is surprising that despite being an executive member of the (FIPAG), Socrates is always in a conflicting situation with his actors and actresses yet the association has failed to call him to order.

Socrates reportedly used a shaving stick to graze down the thick pubic hair from the vagina of one of his actresses, Baby Blanch, during a movie production last year.

As if that was not enough, Socrates again engaged in a fight with actress Mercy Asiedu during the production of ‘So So & So'.

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