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‘Naked I came, naked I shall perform’ – really?


‘Naked I came, naked I shall perform’ – really?

Over the years, I have harboured the innocent belief and view that we (Ghanaians and Africans) must embrace globalization. The danger however, is that we are sometimes copying blindly.

Enough of these so-called modern trends: sickening trends which are most of the time a negative portrayal of our true identities and sense of a well cherished culture.

When pictures of a songstress – I guess now I can mention her name ‘Raquel’ performing on stage without her panties, exposing her well endowed ‘coochie’ -, came out early this year, many jumped on the bandwagon to support her for her stupidity (and please I mean it her stupidity).

I had, and for several weeks, tried not to comment on this issue but the way people are still reacting and supporting her for such a childish act is what has pushed my blood pressure to a volcanic burning point.

Who are those saying there is nothing wrong with exposing your vagina on stage in front of a packed audience at the Accra International Conference Centre? Will you do same if you had the chance or you will gladly allow your daughter, mother, niece or cousin to do same?

I have also heard arguments that it’s her life so we should leave her alone. Interesting! When did musicians and other showbiz personalities start having their own life while on stage or when they are doing their job? And believe it or not, the very second you hit the limelight, you hardly have a private life; a clear example is the late Whitney Houston. She never used crack on stage or in the course of her work, but it became a huge issue: constantly hitting the media landscape. Now tell me why didn’t everybody say it’s her life so let’s leave her alone?

Showbiz is supposed to entertain, inform and educate – we all agree on that – so imagine your child, daughter, picking up and portraying the negative habits or traits of their so-called ‘stars’.

For instance, taking a cue from Raquel’s panorama, what would your reaction be, should a daughter of yours refuse to wear panties to church or to an important gathering in the name of fashion?

I don’t have a problem if Raquel or any other female personality decides to go naked at home; but the very second you hit the public domain, people are watching you. And those saying Raquel’s case was due to a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ should please come again because it was never the case.

Moreover, I was disappointed in her first interview after the ‘coochie’ exposé on Joy FM which didn’t sound conciliatory and apologetic in anyway. She rather, with an unapologetic tone, worsen the whole situation. She was captured on tape saying “…my only interest is my music and not what I wear or eat.”

The questions that came to mind were: Has she got any PR system at all? Who manages this songstress?

If you want to go far as a showbiz personality you need a good manager and a good PR system: an advise to Ghanaian ‘celebs’.

There are countless musicians, actors and actresses who need to take a second look at their PR outfit, as a prerequisite to put their career at the next level.

As much as we want to do music and act, it is key to know that we have a culture and that culture’s ethics should be part and parcel of our life: to also enable us sell mother Ghana better. We in fact have over-copied the Western world.

Just as we all know it is unethical for an artiste to appear on stage with ‘wee’ in his mouth or hand; we must also condemn any form of indecent exposure on stage. Mind you, kids are watching in a country where television contents and live stage acts are not regulated.

It is also up to the various bodies including the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) to put in place guidelines to control artistes and their contents in the country. Ghana has potential, it is up to us to make sure it gets there.

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