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Nationwide cell to cell health screening project – Ekow Micah.


Nationwide cell to cell health screening project – Ekow Micah.

Ekow Micah the reggae musician who was released from prison for allegedly smoking ”wee” has expressed his feeling. On the day of his release announced of the surprise “wee” party arranged for him at his residence. As usual the saying “Y3 Numsa Na Y3 fa Adwen”, was not disregarded.

He shared his prison experience with friends and family, where he expressed his disgust at nearly being a subject to sodomy. he vowed to release a hit reggae single to expose the wrong doings in the system. He said “this party will be the time I will sssshhhhh, I no want police matter. I dey turn a new leaf, that prison be crazy”. He believes  his music career is about lift; since the short break has broaden his views on surrounding issues that needed to be highlighted through music.

The entire scandal that led to his arrest has rather lifted his image, the sky is the limit. The experience of life has thought him lessons which should be impacted on to the young generation.

“Don’t jump to quick conclusion when issues of what I experienced come up in the media, a lot of people have been jailed innocently. A big shout out to my fans for their support”.

“It is in the light of what I went through as well as what other inmates are going through across the country, that, I, together with FransDan Foundation, want to embark on this nationwide cell to cell health screening project,” Ekow Micah.


By John Domedi



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