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Naturopathic Remedies That Work In Harmony with Your Body


Naturopathic Remedies That Work In Harmony with Your Body

Naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine that focuses on natural remedies to stimulate and support the body’s own healing ability.  In this way the disease is seen as the body indicating that all is not well within the harmonious balance of the body so some work must be done to rectify this.

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The first step a naturopath is to do a full and complete body physical, followed by a detailed look at the lifestyle of the patient.  A test for allergies would be conducted as well as diet check.

The conditions that can be managed using naturopathic remedies are wide.  These conditions range from colds and flu’s, through to pre-menstrual tension, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, mental conditions, acne and hypertension to name a few.

Wholegrain foods, fruits and vegetables, backed up with the right balance of minerals and nutrients each individual will undoubtedly help the body to heal and recondition.  Processed and fatty foods should always be avoided, as well as, processed sugars, salts and stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and nicotine.

Acupuncture is one of the best known naturopathic remedies. The interest and use of this ancient Chinese treatment continues to grow.  This is no surprise since the principles that underline acupuncture are based on the philosophy that our bodies work better when the energy within us can flow naturally and correctly.  When our energy pathways become blocked, we become ill.  Acupuncture works by clearing these energy pathways and so helps us to heal.

Above all, these remedies can often produce a much more beneficial healing result than the more conventional medicines.

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