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NDC Is The Only Party That Can Take Ghana To The Promise Land – Mr Beautiful


NDC Is The Only Party That Can Take Ghana To The Promise Land – Mr Beautiful

imagesAmidst all the social hardships, allegations of corruption surrounding organization of Ghana’s participation in the upcoming World Cup 2014 and the general public outcry of bad governance by the John Mamaha led NDC administration, actor Mr. Beautiful seems unperturbed and still insists that Ghanaian should allow the government to do their work because it is the best party. 

Mr. Beautiful real name Clement Bonney, who has now entered into active politics, has asked critics who are trying to ride on his name to blame President Mahama and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, to put a stop to that.

In an interview with MustaphaInusah.Com, he revealed that he doesn’t know why some people are mounting pressure on the said ministry to add him to the ambassadorial deal.

“I was called for the Brazil deal long ago before the ambassadors deal came up but I turned it down; since then, different agencies have been calling me for Brazil and I keep telling them the same thing – I am not interested in it!

So I don’t know why anyone will turn up to be using my name as a yardstick to blame the ministry” fuming Beautiful said.

He said as far as he’s concern, the ministry and Hon Elvis Afriyie Ankrah are doing a great job and that everybody should allow them to work. Finally, he added “I still remain a loyal person in the NDC! I have never been rejected by the NDC and I will never be rejected!”

In a separate interview on “GH Entertainment” on Rainbow Radio last Saturday, Mr. Beautiful went on and on about how he loves the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and their policies. According to him he loves NDC so much because they are the only political party whose policies and beliefs is similar to that of Ghana’s first president Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. 

He said he didn’t just wake up to join NDC but has being following them for so many years. The “Ama Ghana” actor said when he had a called from President Mahama to join the NDC campaign in 2012 to thought about it thoroughly and consulted very important people in his life before he finally decided to join the NDC campaign trail. 

He said he was very much aware of the consequences of openly declaring support for a political party particularly NDC but he still decided to go ahead to support NDC. Mr. Beautiful stated emphatically that he believes NDC is the only party in Ghana that can take Ghana to the promise land. 


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