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NDC’s Stephen Atubiga mounts pressure on JM to squeeze Joshua Alabi’s balls

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NDC’s Stephen Atubiga mounts pressure on JM to squeeze Joshua Alabi’s balls

A leading member of the opposition National Democratic Congress,Stephen Atubiga has charged the party’s presidential candidate at the 2020 polls, John Dramani Mahama to squeeze his campaign manager, Joshua Alabi’s balls untill he passes away for failing him and the party.

In a long post on his Facebook page, the outspoken party member catalogued the several instances Prof. Joshua Alabi failed his task as the campaign manager. He said the good old Prof was not tactful and strategist enough even at crucial moments.

He has launched his 2024 presidential ambition serving notice to Prof Joshua Alabi to watch out for a humiliating defeat from him in 2024.

He wrote:

I am really very surprised why JDM has not yet squeezed prof.Alabi balls till he passes out? like what JJ did to bidzaden years back. For disappointing him JDM and the party in poor strategically ways in collating of the December 7th results. Especially in the EC strong room .
having of only two people there , was very irresponsible, un strategic, reckless, carelessness, unwanted and intensionally river blindness act . As a campaign manager to a winning candidate JDM.
Alabi should be remorseful for his inactions of not being at the EC strong room himself as a campaign manager. not pulling his other aspirants along in helping him deliver . Alabi could have equally positioned all the former presidential aspirants at various selected regions as his campaign codinators behind the party structure , to ensure results had a second look after collation , and also coordinating from regions to national with our reps in EC strong room for right results due JDM for victory.
It was Alab’s responsibility as a campaign manager to ensure his candidate’s system of collating results was working well, with all backups in case there was a system failure or crashing. especially a week to the election was very crucial for any serious campaign manager not to be following his candidate around as Alabi was doing with jdm, but rather staying at the national or central point to run and test all structures and system put in place to give JDM his candidate victory on D,-day.
A good campaign manager was supposed to declare his candidate winner in 24hrs at most after election before EC does. And also working with party to send collation results of jdm to all media houses immediately after declaration at various constituencies and regions . Is a responsibility through campaign manager to trumpet his candidate’s results. He was Rather sleeping as the EC strong room had only 2 cry babies representing a whole NDC. What a shame?.
How could we as NDC, not having any national excutive member at the EC strong room? I am very upset till date , finding it difficult to believe this cock and bull stories our 2rep telling us howb the EC chair sending them to JDM, tricking them and declaring and why did we do this to JDM and the party.
My questions are simple. Did our reps know flipping of results were transmitted to EC strong room while they were in there? Did they have all the results at hand? Did the EC give them copies of all the results transmitted to them form all regions? If yes, did they verify the numbers well? If there was votes flipping ,who did they complain to at the party office? How were they cordinating with our elections director at the party headquarters? At what point did they start working with JDM directly? A lot of questions for them leaving the strong room with no any NDC rep behind. Well, nothing money can’t do.
With all these incompetence shown by alabi as a campaign manager to JDM , and question around Alabi’s neck, he is still seen as happy jack around JDM , waiting for 2024 to contest as a incompetent presidential candidate. I will whip Alabi well , well, for victory 2024, that my victory will keep him hiding thinking he is in Tanzania not Ghana .
Well , over to us NDC. As we holding the Npp responsible for the rigging and steeling of JDM NDC victory, who were the watchmen and sleepers that allowed it.
I can’t sleep, not able to eat , waking up all night in disbelief of JDM predicament now.
Hmmmm time Wii tell
Stephen atubiga


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SB Bitian is a Freelance Writer. Favorite quote: "I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happen to them all" - Ecclesiastes 9:11

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