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NDC’s Stephen Atubiga takes on Chief Justice over election petition; raises serious issues


NDC’s Stephen Atubiga takes on Chief Justice over election petition; raises serious issues

A leading member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Stephen Atubiga has raised issues with regards to the Chief Justice decision to be part of the panel who are sitting on the election petition. In a Facebook post, he quizzed the Chief Justice if he considered Tribal and religious balance before empaneling the law lords on the petition brought to the supreme court by John Mahama


The chief justice among the panel of justices for the elections petition, makes me very uncomfortable.
Questions I keep asking . He chief justice choose the panel members. Did he consider tribal , regional, political and religious balance in chosing his panel?
Does his involvement as a panel member, gives other panel members independent minds of their own views on facts and evidence ? Especially during sitting when taken a break , to agree or disagree on an issue raised on the floor by an party to the case?
My little experience with the supreme court in view of taken decisions or given verdicts , also makes me worried. The supreme court judges sometimes takes decisions not based on facts or evidence tabled them, but takes decisions base on their own discretions , the atmosphere, or reactions from the citizens before and after.
Example was the 2012 election petition case. How most of the Judges saw the facts and evidence tabled by both parties. And the views from each of the judges during verdict keeps me awake all the time in this matter.
Are we going to see direction given to EC ?
Are we going to see a runoff directives?
Are we going to see EC re-forms directives?
Are we going to see EC asked to give rightful numbers to each candidate ?
Are we going to see direction of an independent body auditing the results? And more .
What will be your request or the decisions you would be expecting the judges to take?
Don’t forget Gabby prophecy for 2021. the NDC case thrown out of court this year.

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