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Never give up, there’s always a sign of victory – Kuami Eugene


Never give up, there’s always a sign of victory – Kuami Eugene

Getting your hopes up helps nothing. If you always expect the best to happen, what you’re really saying is, “I want to never get excited again.” You’ll just go through life in a spoiled malaise saying, “Well yeah, I always knew I was going to become a billionaire and build a mansion with my own Chipotle. I mean it’s good that it happened, but let’s not freak out here.”
According to the ‘confusion’ hitmaker, it’s always not easy, but if you keep believing everything will be fine.
In an interview with Larkuor Adjatey , the self-acclaim rock star said he recorded an ‘Ebeyeyie’ because he saw a sign of victory coming, he believed and yes it came through.
” I know it was going to be ok, I saw a sign of victory coming so I recorded ‘Ebeyeyie’ and yes its cool know. Your attitude about what will happen is barely relevant to whether or not you succeed. Your attitude about what’s happening right now is everything. That’s what determines how you’ll go about actually doing things. And this may come as a shocker to you, but doing things is actually kind of important”, he told Larkuor.

Citizen Kwadwo

Kingsley Adomako Odrey known professionally as Citizen Kwadwo, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, IT Mogul, Businessman, and Web Developer. Follow : Instagram- @citizenkwadwo Twitter: @Citizenkwadwo

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