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New Kid On The Block Nino Out With “Madamfo Pa”


New Kid On The Block Nino Out With “Madamfo Pa”

Nino, born Agyemang Offeh, is the latest entrant in the music industry with the release of his new single titled ‘Madamfo Pa', produced by Morris D'Voice.

Currently, the song has started enjoying rotation on the airwaves while its video is making an impact on YouTube. Reports say Morris has endorsed Nino chap to watch out for in the -too-distant future.

Nino started singing at a very tender age as music his hobby and talent. Little did he know that his hobby will one day become a ‘commodity'. He gained some exposure when he joined the Adventist Preparatory School and was one of the best soloists.

Before leaving the school as a Junior School graduate, he represented Kumasi in the year 2002/2003, and was adjudged the best singer at the national choral competition. Nino has since then become very vital and a force to reckon with in every choir he joins.
Nino continued singing during his secondary school days in Prempeh College and was part of a famous trio on campus.

Nino is now a Bachelor of Business Administration holder in banking and finance from Valley View University. He realized he had to show the world what he had when he was at Valley View University.
His love for music pushed him to form an acapella group and also form another strong and talented choir (the minstrel choir) with the children of the lecturers of the university.

In fact, his name is still on the lips of those who have seen him perform on various platforms. All forms of music genres are at his fingertips- classical, soul, RnB, jazz and highlife.

The most intriguing part is whether the lyrics are in English, Twi or French, the output is always fantastic. Apart from Morris D'Voice, and of Bradez fame have also endorsed him.

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