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Next mission is Jay-Z|A single will do – Efya


Next mission is Jay-Z|A single will do – Efya

Female singer cum dreamer Efya has said she would like to work with American rapper Jay-Z. I once wanted to be president of America, Obama beat me to it. She said this when she appeared on the first edition of the personality program, Diva Delicious, which aired on Viasat 1 last Friday. We could have sworn it was a slumber party over there. According to her, she would like to borrow Beyonce’s husband for a night in the studio…Working on a song obviously! She would like to work with Jay-Z because of his dedication to work and zeal to bring the best out the best in people. A passion she hasn’t seen in anyone anywhere else in the world, apart from Jay-Z who is an American Superstar who everybody in the world wants to work with. “I want a collaboration with Jay-Z and the reason is that, he has made things happen for people, he is hardworking, he knows what he wants and how to get it. Almost all the people he has worked with have made it in one way or the other and so it will be a good opportunity for me to tap into his experience and what he has to offer,” she told the host. Reiterating her decision, the Best In Me singer looked into the camera (hoping that there was a 1 billion in 1 possibility that Jay-Z would ever see her) and said; “Hi Jay-Z, my name is Efya, I am from Ghana and I would like to have a collaboration with you.” We are still waiting for a feedback from Jay-Z.


By Antwi Odrey|

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