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Nicki Minaj engaged to DJ Khaled?


Nicki Minaj engaged to DJ Khaled?

959019742_115261It might be a massive coincdence, it could be a love at twerk sight – or more likely just a massive publicity stunt.

It might just be one massive diamond ring shaped publicity stunt but just two days after DJ Khaled’s bizarre proposal – Nicki Minaj is wearing a huge rock on her engagement finger.

The curvy singer hasn’t responded to the request for marriage which was awkwardly aired on MTV but these pictures might tell a different story.

The ring is similar to the $500,000 diamond rock which DJ Khaled unveiled in his heartfelt proposal, but fans insist she’s worn the ring for the last few months.

Nicki wore yellow jeans and a neon pink hat with her name blazened across the front as she was pictured leaving Crustation Restaurant in Beverly Hills.

US superstar Khaled was talking with MTV when he pulled out the giant diamond ring and proposed to Minaj.

He said: “Nicki Minaj, I’m at MTV, I’m going to be honest with you; I love you… I like you, I want you, I want you to be mine. Nicki Minaj, will you marry me?

“If you gotta take your time and think about it, I overstand, but I know I have to be here today to let you know how serious I am and how serious this is to me.”

He unveiled a 10 karat radiant cut diamond ring from Rafaello & Co believed to be worth a massive $500,000, according to MTV sources.

There’s no word yet whether or not he asked his mate Drake for permission to wed his ex-lover.

It’s most likely a huge publicity stunt as DJ Khaled’s album is released in a few months.

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