Nigerian Actress Kidnapped

Nigerian Actress Kidnapped

We all know a certain group of Nigerians like to torment the lives of others for their own personal reasons.

In fact, kidnapping has become too much of a common occurrence in Nigeria. What nobody usually knows is who will be affected next.

Nollywood beauty, Nkiru Sylvanus who is well loved by many was kidnapped yesterday in Owerri. Her whereabouts are presently unknown but it is said the kidnappers have already made contact with her family somehow and are demanding 100 million naira. She was abducted directly from her house and the police are fast on the tracks of the abductors trying to locate and rescue the actress.

The actress also doubles as Special Assistant to the Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha,

So we should all do well to pray for her speedy release from the hands of such evildoers.

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