Nigerian Director Physically and Sexually Assaults Ghanaian Actress-Nuong Faalong on Set

imagesOn the morning of Monday, 26th May 2014 at about 12 noon, I was reliably informed that actress Nuong Faalong also known as Edith Faalong had walked off the set of a popular series and terminated her contract with the production company.

She left the set in tears after the director of the series -Prince Amuni Gbenga a Nigerian had barged into her private room while she was in her underwear and proceeded to manhandle her resulting in her sustaining a cut and swollen upper lip.

Luckily for the actress, she was not alone in the hotel room. Her room-mate who was asleep in the bed, got up just in time to save her from further assault as the rest of the cast and crew also rushed into the room to restrain the director.

When we spoke to the actress, she said she had reported the incident to the Dansoman Police headquarters and the said director had been summoned pending investigations.

As to whether she would complete the job, she said, “My welfare is paramount and the production cannot guarantee that presently”

What annoys us most about this incident is why a director will think he has so much power over an actress such that he can go as far as physically abusing her without fear and in front of another person? Does he think he is really too invincible to be dealt with?

What kind of animal does this? Is it a habit he has cultivated because other actresses have allowed him to get away with such insulting behavior?

In relation to the above, I was also reliably informed that Prince Amuni Gbenga had a physical fight with another person on the same set last year on location at Kokrobite. He is said to be very notorious for being disrespectful towards woman and freely insulting whomever he pleases on set.

This director is not even very big yet. What I am afraid of is what he will put actors/ actresses through if he becomes big. With such a perverted attitude, what else will he do to unsuspecting women?

If you are not a pervert, how will you even engage in such behaviour, wanting to see a woman in her underwear and insist she dress in front of you?

Also, Nuong was asked NOT to report the incident but she decided to report it just incase the director repeats his actions towards her or anyone. She did not mention the name of the production house, stating that, it would give them a bad reputation and that they cannot be held responsible for the actions of the director.

My heart goes out to the actress who was visibly shaken and in tears every time she tried to talk about the incident. God bless you for reporting this.

And to think that such a director is not even sorry for his actions and has not in anyway apologized to the actress since the incident occurred is beyond absurdity…

Instead, the director has changed the actress’ name in the script and has invited a Liberian actress to complete the shoot. How preposterous! What kind of unprofessional conduct is this? I wonder what other actresses have been forced to keep silent about so they can just have a movie role, where Prince Amuni Gbenga is in charged…



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