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Nigerian Pastors Customize Cloths To Prevent Wastage – Francis Van

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Nigerian Pastors Customize Cloths To Prevent Wastage – Francis Van

A popular netizen has claimed that most Nigerian pastors customize their clothing with same colour all the time to prevent them from wasting money on many clothes. According to Francis Van-Lare aka Poi master, pastors with such tricks have motivated him to do same. He made this outrageous post on his Facebook wall.

His post read;

***What Color should be my trade mark ?

There is this Nigerian Man of GOD that wears white with a touch of red , there is another Nigerian business man that wears orange senator outfit all his photos that I have seen . Both are very rich with escorts following them . Anytime I see anyone dressed in all white suit or Orange Senator outfit I remember them

I recently realized they are smart . It is cheaper to maintain one style and color and no one will say you are repeating clothes . Since they have taken white and orange , what color should I choose for myself ? I want to be like them too wear same style and color every day . I am thinking green and white to attract investors but I will need armed escort or all pink outfit with a ring on my ear to attract kpekus and I will need no escort as no one wants to hurt a man with plenty kpekus surrounding him .

What is your recommendation?***

Do you think he has a point with this assertion or otherwise? Kindly share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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