Nii Commey’s Romantic Nonsense Reloaded set to raise funds for the underpriviledged

925398936_260086.gifUnder the auspices of the SOS Children’s Villages, Ghana, Nii Commey, the name that is gradually becoming synonymous with contemporary comedy, is set to thrill theatre lovers and the general public with his most wanted hilarious stage play, Romantic Nonsense (Reloaded).

Every single ticket sold at this event will go to provide quality healthcare for underprivileged children in Ghana.

Nii Commey’s entry into the hearts of many theatre lovers was with Romantic Nonsense and on his debut, he became the toast of many theatre lovers and even went on to develop the love of theatre in many who felt reluctant to watch plays.

The first time it was staged, the audience called for a re-run, but the cravings never ceased: Till date many are those who remember Nii Commey with this unprecedented stage drama that churns laughter from the prologue to the epilogue:

Today, he has even garnished the play with more spicy and palatable ingredients edible enough for bigger cracks in the ribs of his audience.

On Friday July 5th, 2013 at 6:00 pm prompt, the National Theatre will be the venue for this persuasively titled stage play. The high voltage, fast paced comedy is based on the characteristic drawbacks premature marriages seek to generate.

The play irreverently explores the outcome of youthful exuberance and innate human desires for proceeding quickly into marriage as opposed to upholding the religious and time-honored traditions of courtship and true knowledge and understanding between the intended partners.

Introvert, Mr. Katawodeeso, realizes that he is married to the most sophisticated happy-go-lucky woman in the world, who takes delight in keeping up appearances. Ironically, whoever comes to the house admires them for their compatibility. Their family pastor never ceases to use them as a testimony of God’s reward for faithfulness.

The author and director of the play, Nii Commey, at a media launch reiterated that the play, which is arguably the most wanted play in Ghana, is set to excite theatre lovers once again.

Asked why the choice for Romantic Nonsense for fundraising, Nii Commey was quick to say that it:

“I believe strongly that laughter is one of the most potent medicines one can ever get. The play is a classic illustration of humour-therapy, and through Romantic Nonsense, I believe that families will be strengthened, and they will laugh their way to good health, and in so doing, be in the right frame of mind to also be concerned about the health needs of the Ghanaian children.”

“So, my dear friends, this might just be the last opportunity for those who never got to watch this play, and for those who thought you had watched Romantic Nonsense before, wait until you see the reloaded version,” he added


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