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Nii Soul Apologises About His Statement Against BullDog


Nii Soul Apologises About His Statement Against BullDog

imagesNii Soul was interviewed today on Ampluzz by Sammy Flex on the publication of a statement he made about bulldog. The tape of the interview was played. in the tape he was asked who he thinks is the worst ever manager in Ghana his reply was “I can only make mention of one that is bulldog because I have worked with him………………..many talents has passed through his hand…………”
He denied saying anything like that but the tape was clearly contradicting his voice on tape which clearly gives him up. Bulldog is the current manager of the Self acclaimed Dancehall King; Shattawale. Nii soul used to be under the management of Bulldog. Nii Soul wobbled his way around the question saying that he didn’t mean it that way. He even blamed bloggers for misquoting him but the tapes recorded that he stated that Bull dog is the worst manger. Panelist on the show gave their views about the statement then he called back to correct himself.
Nii Soul then apologized for the statements he made about Bulldog. He explained that bulldog is his brother and didn’t want to have any issue with him. He refused to support the claim of Bulldog being the worst manager and regrets what happened.


Monica Otumfuor

culled from AMPluzz

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Monica Maakor Otumfuor an Alumni of Ghana Institute of Journalism is a Writer and English tutor by profession. A voice over artist and an articulate spokesperson. She loves to volunteer and is passionate about mentoring others.

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