No more|DSP Kofi Sarpong

No more|DSP Kofi Sarpong

DSP Kofi Sarpong…Sorry, Gospel singer Kofi Sarpong who is admired by followers of all music genres due to his friendly nature has asked people to stop calling him DSP. An act that may attract an unexpected reaction. He also wants his most cherished fans not to call him DSP again! The decision is an expression by his management team to match the growth of his music brand with his professional advancements as a police officer. DSP Kofi Sarpong..Did we use it again? Kofi Sarpong debuted onto the gospel scene in 2010 with the award-winning album “Sacrifice” when he was a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in the Ghana Police Service. Probably inspired by the times he has chased criminals sacrificing their lives to gain the things of this world. What vanity! Whilst he is still being called DSP by many in the entertainment industry, especially gospel music lovers, some have argued that the alias be changed to the rank he currently is. Speaking to The Spectator Agoro over the matter on Monday, his manager, Ernest Kwesi Ennin, of Media Excel Productions, disclosed that the policeman-cum-singer was no longer comfortable with the address DSP. “Without any disrespect to anyone, he has along moved beyond his previous rank which many still prefer to address him by. Yes, we acknowledge that in showbiz and especially with branding, you don’t just change an identity which has caught up with your fans. That is how awkward we find it. But Mr. Sarpong’s love for his first love, the police profession, is something that he never will let go, even after retiring. Fans and colleagues should learn and stick to the new name. SP Sarpong. Another one will come up when he is next promoted.


By Antwi Odrey|

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