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Nollywood Actress Nkechi Blessing Collapses On Set During A Shoot (VIDEO)


Nollywood Actress Nkechi Blessing Collapses On Set During A Shoot (VIDEO)

Popular Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday, recently recounted how she passed out on set on her Instagram page.

The actress has shared a video that has since gone viral after she broke down while shooting.

Nkechi indicated that her body had been giving her signs before the shoot but she ignored them. According to her, she had planned to rest after the shoot despite the warnings her body had given her. However, her body had plans of its own as she later broke down during the shoot.

The Nollywood actress has cautioned people to listen to their body and take a rest when it’s needed

She wrote;

My body kept giving me diff signs from day one of shoot, But I kept on pushing, One mind kept saying NBS Rest ooo problem no Dey finish,I say Never I will Rest after this shoot…

Then Boom from nowhere NBS broke down @seanbeautyplaceand @ademolatajibola went in search of a nurse, then this happened. Anyways Thank God for life Folded hands Cus I feel stronger this morning, Fam there is a really Thin line Btwn life and Death ooo… Always Rest as much as you work,cus true trueproblem no Dey finish

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