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Nollywood Veteran, Kanayo O. Kanayo is officially a Lawyer​


Nollywood Veteran, Kanayo O. Kanayo is officially a Lawyer​

Nollywood Veteran, has been called to bar. The Nigerian Actor joins the growing list of celebrities in the country who are lawyers.
The Legendary movie star announced this via his Instagram page on Tuesday, September 15, 2020 where he shared a photo of himself wearing the traditional robe and wig.
“To God be all the glory. You can now address me as , Esq, MFR (Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria)” he captioned
Anayo Modestus Onyekwere studied law at the University of Abuja, Abuja. The veteran actor made his debut movie appearance in the Nollywod classic, Living in Bondage
He has gone on to feature in over a hundred movies in his career which has spanned in nearly 3 decades.
He is currently a United Nations ambassador and bears the title of MFR which was awarded to him by the Nigerian government in 2013

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