NPP Victory Street Carnival with SHATTA WALE

NPP Victory Street Carnival with SHATTA WALE

It is assumed that business men do not do politics. Shatta Wale has really played the game to his advantage from the beginning till now. Although the bandana man stood on NDC stage to perform, he was successfully sold the NEUTRAL message to Ghanaians of his political stance.  Rumor has it that, the two shows he did for NDC during the campaign period net him nearly 300,000ghs ($70922.05 approximately).

As the saying goes “true legends do not sleep”, the is back on a victory rally for the NPP. He still maintains his position of neutrality with reference to political affiliations. This rally is happening on the mountains with Amakye Dede on the captain list.

I never stood for NDC or NPP or PPP i just delivered my services like how any business minded person will do no hard feelings to anyone who doesnt understand this showbiz lifestyle..we working hard to be successful..thats all..ano deh do politics mr… catch me live with shatta wale senior(Amakye Dede) on the mountains. Shatta posted on his Instagram page.


By Antwi Odrey


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