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Obrafuor unleashes his rap flames to affirm his ‘dopeness’


Obrafuor unleashes his rap flames to affirm his ‘dopeness’

Twitter on fire at the moment because of the Rap Sofo, Rap Executioner, Rap god of the ‘century’ and all the appellations you can shower on Obrafuor.

He was hosted @elrepgh_club house and his rap perfection was laid bare as usual. He unleashed all the ‘PAE MU KA @ 20’ ingenuity to the excited crowds as they all cheered on the senior most rap saviour of Ghana.

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He took to twitter to thank the fans who patronized his skills last night and lots of praises are being showered on the rap executioner.

Check photos and videos;




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Kudos to the Rap Sofo for this massive entertainment…

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