Obuor To Contest Second Term Of MUSIGA Presidency

imagesBice Osei Obuor President of Musician Union Of Ghana (MUSIGA) has declared his intentions to stand for the second term of the leadership of presidency has his tenure ends later this year. He made this statement this year at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards held on Friday 11th April at the Accra International Conference center. The VGMA is the biggest celebration and recognition of Ghana Music in the country organized by Chatter house an independent media house supported by the union. As one of his many achievements as a president; three years running he has been able to collaborate with sponsors to give out a car to a particular category every year. Most people have grieved on the inability of the president to implement most of his policies. There have been several complaints due to the confidence most people had in him before he took over as [resident.

There have been so many funny comments and issues raised against his administration during his tenure of leadership. It has been a long awaited expectation of stakeholders in the industry if he would stand again and if he will be able to convince people to vote for the second tenure. Obuor after winning becoming president has stopped doing commercial music and has gained some weight that most people make fun of it in reference to the funds of MUSIGA.

during his campaign to be president he presented some policies he was going to work with that is AJUMAPA which represents accurate administration, jobs for the musicians, unity of union members, music 2 music business education,ageing musicians welfare, pushing for policies,acheiving goals.  .Wether he complied and delivered his promises will be determined when the votes are cast for the next elections.



Monica Otumfuor

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