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Odoi Mensah Goes To Court


Odoi Mensah Goes To Court

118204016_685218The president of the Ghana Actors Guild (GAG), Samuel Nii Odoi Mensah, has filed a law suit against entertainment newspaper, Flex and GHONE Television.

Mr. Odoi Mensah is demanding damages to the tune of GH¢200,000.00 for what he claims to be defamation of character by the two respondents.

The GAG president says he finds offensive a recent publication by the paper saying that there were rumours alleging he had been involved in an illegal VISA connection.

The publication did not go down well with Odoi Mensah who says he has over the years toiled to protect his name not only as the president of the Ghana Actors Guide, but a seasoned actor.

“I have never met this Osafo guy before (author of the story), I will not be able to recognize him if I should meet him. I decided not to let them use me to make money for their paper.

So I ignored any frivolous publication they make against me; but it has gotten to the barren point; even the frog protest when the waters are too much for it …I am not in any way antagonizing the young man and the paper not to do their publication, the constitution of Ghana and press freedom mandate them to do so. That mandate does not ingratiate their abnormal feeling towards me at the expense of my human right,” said Nii Odoi Mensah.

Source: News One
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