Ohemaa Mercy Held Hostage For Non-Payment Of Hospital Bills

Ohemaa Mercy Held Hostage For Non-Payment Of Hospital Bills

When Ohemaa Mercy sang ‘I shall not die’, there was more to it than just the words and a lady with a silky harmonious voice wailing to catch attention.

The gospel singer who has endeared herself to most Ghanaians within a short time was at a stage in her life held hostage at a hospital for her inability to pay her bills after medical treatment.

This and more revelations came to the fore when Ohemaa Mercy was invited to the Yellow House to meet the Girls.

The outgoing singer said after the surgery, her wounds opened up. She was so scared of the bills and had to run home to seek ‘black’ treatment.

“I talk about my experiences so people know I am not all they see – I have had some bad experiences. I let those experiences be a testimony of how great God has been,” she said with a lot of hope in her eyes.

For Ohemaa, her calling to the ministry of God’s work through her songs are largely shaped by experiences. This she indicated has taught her a lot and serves as encouragement when she hits a low.

Gospel ministry through music, she intimated, is not about copying anyone’s style but being true to your calling.

A trained teacher, she attended training college after her secondary education and looks forward to furthering her education and has aspirations of owning her own school.

She picks ideas for her songs from people’s testimonies of God’s wonderful works as well as her personal experiences in life.

In this very engrossing episode, the Girls asked about ‘gospel music and money’ to which she told viewers, “Money is not everything when singing gospel music – it is a blessing for the glory of singing unto God and inspiring mankind, but Satan uses it to distract most singers.”

The ‘Menwu Da’ singer is ever grateful to her husband for believing in her and bringing her dreams alive. “He helped make Ohemaa Mercy with the help of God when no one believed in me” she showered praise on her husband to the jealousy of the Girls.

When placed on the quick shot Q n A, she was proud to say she married her husband a virgin, he was her first boyfriend and her favorite part of her body is her face.

After dancing a great amount of ‘christozonto’ in the Yellow House with the Girls, she talked about how very particular she is with her dressing especially when stepping outside because of the negative notion of gospel musicians. Meet the Girls in the Yellow House airs on Viasat 1 on Saturday at 10am with a repeat at 9.30 on Sunday.

Source: ghanacelebrities.com

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