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OJ Blaq Meets Rick Ross


OJ Blaq Meets Rick Ross

Semblance of people no new phenomenon, but among celebrities here in Ghana it is quite a novice.

In past we have seen semblances after the likes of Terry Bonchaka, but one celebrity whose semblance to an international star can never be denied is the Discovery of the Year nominee at the just ended Ghana Music Awards, OJ Blaq.

The “CHALE WOTE” star carries a long held identity which in recent times has been connected to the TEFLON DON star RICK ROSS. The “Blow Money Fast” star has barely 7days to touch base on Ghanaian soil and the question on the minds of most Ghanaians is would OJ BLAQ be on stage with him?

A random survey conducted by celebrity publicist and blogger, Quame Junior reveals that most music enthusiasts and people who have already bought tickets for the show are anticipating a grand appearance of the “ALL I DO IS WIN” alongside the “ME W) MMAA” star.

DJ Flexy is one of Africa's most respected DJs and had this to say “I think the two on stage would make the show more and exciting, we all know that they have a semblance and having them stand side by side would be simply enthralling. I strongly believe that OJ should be on the stage, I can't wait”. Ameyaw Debrah is arguably the biggest online celebrity writer in Africa and held a similar view “I think the two of them on stage would be fun that is what I honestly think”.

An with one Nana Ansah, one of the main organizers of the Rick Ross show, seems to suggest that OJ Blaq might be on the show.

the days bare down and the countdown winds down to the Rick Ross show, the questions still remains “Would OJ BLAQ be on stage with Rick Ross?”

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