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OJ Blaq Starts Action Year With “Target”


OJ Blaq Starts Action Year With “Target”

The Biggie Boy Lover is it again and this year he seems to join the presidential train and has called it year more , less talk. 2011 has kicked start for the G.M.A nominee who launched his debut album last year under the Lynx record label.

A brand new video is no mean way to start a year as an artist. He says it in an interview “This year is more action, less talk”. “Target” a song on his debut album features Iwan and is a classic club banger. The video is in the same vein a simple and an incredible work of creativity and a combination good graphics and a well evolved story.

His introduction into the industry was no easy task as the “Biggie Boy” had duly paid his dues underground for close to 12years working underground with the likes of Sidney. He has not much to say as he would want his actions to speak for him.

He concludes “I have a new single coming out, “Pearling” it is my gift to Ghanaians for their support and love. The song would do the talking”, he says. I've had the privilege of hearing the new single and Ghanaians might as well get ready for a hit.

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