‘Onaapo’ fever and Culture
The onaapo fever

‘Onaapo’ fever and Culture

Humor is good for your health and after an event, the next act is to put smile on the face of the lucky – winning – team. The president-elect of Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo of NPP – New Patriotic Party; and the joy of party members. Those in joyous state do the best they can to make it meaningful.

Although some play neutral role whiles the loosing side fought each other and unreservedly apportion blame to escape responsibilities. The culture of a country that places emphasis on teasing the loosing side to the core, is the most accepted phenomenon I find had to comprehend; yet the unity it brings can not be ruled out.

My only guess is “This is what makes CULTURE unique” irrespective the differences that exist. Once you understood the language of a society their sense of humor becomes part of your existence.

Below is typical of Ghanaian society.


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