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(Opinion): Has Kelvynbwoy Deliberately Hibernated His Career Because Of Stonebwoy?


(Opinion): Has Kelvynbwoy Deliberately Hibernated His Career Because Of Stonebwoy?

Cementing your brand as one of the most grounded pieces out there is the best approach any sane musician with serious management team would do for the betterment of the career of that artiste. No matter how troubling it may be, always striving to ensure a better rapport between the fan bases and the musician is the best bet for an enjoyable future.

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As apprentice of , had the best support and needed resources at his disposal. Most especially, the fan base of Stonebwoy was his on any given day. Not to bore you with archaic news, I would not want to delve into what really transpired before the duo broke up. But, whatever it was had nothing to do with how Kelvynbwoy is struggling to stay relevant now.

Kelvynbwoy is not living up to the expectation of those who followed him quite well and expected more from him. From afar, it looked as if he gave up immediately some BHIM fans started harassing him on social . Yep, we saw what really went down during the beefing moment.

The only pressing issue now is to find out whether Kelvynbwoy intentionally decided to put his music career on hold or he’s being cornered by saboteurs from God knows where!

For the fact that there is no concrete evidence now, the only thing we can do is to fold our arms and wait for what tomorrow holds. And, trust me; tomorrow is really !

What is your take on this? Share your thoughts on this.

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