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Opinion: What I Think About Journalists In Ghana


Opinion: What I Think About Journalists In Ghana

Personally, I think most journalists are hypocritical stooges whose main agendum is to lick the assés of their paymasters! Frankly speaking, the genuine culture of unbiased and credible reportage which characterized the work of journalists a decade or so ago has given way for anything the politicians demand from them because of the peanuts from above.

The credibility of most journalists has been smeared because of their open affiliations to either NPP or NDC. Typical examples are Justice Kwaku Annan of Net2TV GH whose NPP affiliation is an open secret and Mugabe Maase of Power FM who is also a staunch NDC member.

So, there is no way these aforementioned journalists can appeal to a conscious Ghanaian and a critical thinker like myself and many others who see NPP/NDC as the main stumbling block to Ghana’s development.

Notwithstanding, there are genuinely neutral and professional journalists too like Manasseh Azure Awuni, Chief Executive Officer of Tiger PI Anas Aremeyaw Anas, and others who have convincingly appealed to most Ghanaians with their works. But, as pointed out earlier, the journalistic bootlickers seem to have outnumbered the genuine ones. In fact, the unbridled sycophancy of some journalists is just appalling!

In short, it is a shame to be called a journalist in Ghana now!

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